Cold isostatic press


The cold isostatic press KIP is a helping tool for densifying rods of oxidic, or in general, ceramic materials. The isostatic pressing hereby avoids the problem of uniaxially pressed rods,  like  longitudinal  cracking,  and  leads  to  a  more  homogeneous  density.  A  further advantage is the near circular cross-section of the resulting rods, especially for using them in optical floating zone furnaces  like  HKZ or TKZ.  The  KIP provides pressures > 200 Mpa, so that even materials which are difficult to densify can be pressed. 

  • Pressure up to 3000 bar, infinitly adjustable
  • Dimensions process chamber: ∅ 25 mm; length 250mm
  • Dimensions overall: LxDxH: appr. 640 x 700 x 1510 mm
  • Weight appr. 105 kg
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