High Pressure Bridgman Furnace System HBS

The High Pressure Bridgman System HBS is a resistively heated high-temperature Bridgman-type crystal growth furnace, applicable with pressures up to 100 bar in the growth chamber.

  • Atmosphere: argon, pressure up to 100 bar
  • Multiple independent temperature zones with up to 1900 °C (standard configuration: 2 zones)
  • Chamber dimensions according to customer specifications (standard diameter: 40 mm)

An important feature is the easily expandable design of the furnace, which allows custom-tailored constructions and specifications according to individual needs. In the standard configuration, the vertical tube is heated by two resistance heating devices. The temperature of these elements can be set independently from each other in the range between room temperature and 1900 °C. The heating elements are located inside a cold pressure tube. The main advantage of this setup is the long life span of the pressure tube.

The Bridgman furnace is equipped with a linear and rotational drive system, which realizes precise rotation and translation movements. The drive system is a magnetically coupled, completely capsuled feed-through construction, which works precisely and independent of the applied pressure.

For sample installation, the pulling drive shaft can be moved to the lower position (out of the chamber), where the sample can be installed and moved back inside the chamber. The whole system is PLC controlled and can be easily operated with a comfortable GUI on a 27” touch screen with a specifically developed software.

To run the machine the laboratory needs the following facilities:   

  • 100 bar gas supply process gas (argon)
  • Exhaust air system for process and system gases
  • Energy supply with 230 V, 20 A, 3-phase AC, 50/60Hz
  • Cooling water system with approx. 20 °C , pressure 4-5 bar, 10 liter/min