Exploitation of ideas

Our construction department is specialized in the development and modification of high-pressure, high-temperature, vacuum, cryogenic and cleanroom components.
The Scientific Instruments Dresden GmbH offers efficient ways to complement your own capabilities or fully outsource projects in the field of construction and engineering.

Product marketing - we make a product of your idea

Do you own a patent or have developed a product and want to release a licence for building your device? The ScIDre GmbH has facilities and know-how to manufacture and to market new technology. We perform marketing, production, customer acquisition, advertisment, sales, and more. You as our partner get the licence fees and earn money from every sold product without being exposed to any warranty or guarantee requirements.

Development request - Custom Scientific technology

Are you looking for suitable manufactoring facilities for your research project? The ScIDre GmbH developes products according to your specifications. Further development of existing devices, facilities or test benches are parts of our services, too.

If you are interested, please contact us on this contact form.