Design and calculation


  • Drafts/Detailing
  • 3-D- 2-D and 2-D- 3-D -Drawing overpass
  • Change and adapt drawings


  • Structural analysis
    • Calculation of forces and stresses in contacting parts
    • Calculation of bearing loads, forces, pressures, and torques
    • Structural optimization
  • Thermal analysis
    • Heat transfer by conduction, convection and heat radiation
    • Analysis of thermal stresses due to temperature distributions and different material selection
  • Lifetime analysis
    • Calculation of system life cycles and the total damage on given cycle numbers
  • Vibration, buckling and bag load calculation
    • Influencing the service life due to vibration and stability problems
    • Effect of load based stiffness changes on frequency and buckling response of the system
  • Motion simulation