Flux Crystal Growth Furnace

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Flux Crystal Growth Furnace

The Flux Crystal Growth Furnace is a capable, software-controlled tube furnace, designed for the growth of single crystals from molten fluxes in coopration with Anton Jesche group from Augsburg University. The temperature in the process chamber is achieved by resistive heating elements and can be stabilized at up to 950 °C. In this temperature range, heating and cooling rates are in the order of 20 K/min. The furnace can be operated in air, but the process chamber can also be evacuated and filled with argon or nitrogen with a slight overpressure in order to achieve inert atmospheres.

A set of thermocouples monitors the temperature in different parts of the furnace. A specially developed software application which runs on the build-in computer allows comfortable and reproducible operation of the furnace. All process parameters and their changes are logged and can be imported at any time in order to duplicate a previous process. Temperature ramp functions can be set by defining unlimited amounts of final temperatures, holding times and heating or cooling rates. This ramp functions run automatically, at the same time the user can always intervene and change any of the function parameters.

The furnace can be operated in any position. For example, it can be mounted on a rotatable table and turned upside-down in order to separate flux material from single crystals after the growth process, still maintaining the defined temperature.

In the vertical position, the crucible or the sealed sample container is inserted from above into the process chamber. It can be mounted on a stiff rod connected to the blind flange which closes the furnace tube at the top. In order to perform further measurements while furnace operation, four electrical feedthroughs are provided at the lower end of the process chamber.

To run the furnace, a standard computer screen, a mouse and a keyboard are needed. A vacuum pump can be connected to the flange at the left side of the furnace. Inert gases are let in through a screwed hose connection on the right side if the casting.


Technical details

Maximum temperature: 950 °C
Possible gases: Ar, N2, other gases on request
Pressure range: 1 mbar – 1.5 bar
Power supply: AC, 230 V, 50 Hz
Vacuum flange connection: ISO-KF DN 50
Gas connection: hose screw 8x6
Process chamber dimensions: diameter 45 mm, length 180 mm (standard configuration – others easily possible on request)
Furnace casing dimensions: standard configuration: 716 mm x 610 mm x 317 mm (height x width x depth)
Furnace weight: standard configuration: approx. 25 kg