High pO2 Floating Zone Crystal Growth of the Perovskite Nickelate PrNiO3

Another member of the perovskite nickelates family PrNiO3 was succesfully grown as single crystal with a ScIDre HKZ furnace. Mainly executed by scientists from Argonne National Laboratory, the growth was performed in the PARADIM lab at Johns Hopkins University under oxygen pressures of 295 bar. Previous attemts to grow this crystals using our 150 bar floating zone furnace were unsuccessful, as the PrNiO3 phase could not be observed in growth at or below 180 bar, and as a significant component only at 260 bar. As the autors write, this study “demonstrates the opportunity space for high fugacity, reactive environments for single crystal growth specifically of perovskite nickelates but more generally to correlated electron oxides”, motivating attempts to grow single crystals under extreme high oxygen pressure.