Solid-Melt Phase Transition Microscope PTM


Solid-Melt Phase Transition Microscope

High temperature microscope with a light-heated crucible: a simple tool to study complicated materials

  • Make fast and easy concentration/ phase diagram studies
  • Observe melting, solidification or other phase transitions at up to 1500 °C with high resolution and magnification
  • Search new fluxes


Key features

  • Direct visual high-resolution observation of temperature-induced phase transitions: sample melting/crystallization behaviour or some solid-solid phase transitions
  • Temperatures up to 1500 °C, heating rates up to 50 K/s, cooling rates up to 30 K/s
  • IR local heating with halogen lamps & simultaneous temperature monitoring
  • Precise temperature adjustment and measurement
  • Low material consumption due to small sample quantity
  • Decreases the time of phase diagram reconstruction substantially
  • Pt, Al2O3 and other crucible materials available
  • Gas-tight sealing
  • Pure Ar, O2, or other atmospheres


Our Phase Transition Microscope offers the possibility to perform an actual miniature growth experiment as well as to look directly at the melting, crystallization or some solid-solid transformation behavior of the sample at high temperatures with outstanding optical quality. Due to fast cooling rates, the high-temperature state can be freezed and identified at room temperature. Fast concentration and contaminations studies are made possible by the simultaneous and precise temperature monitoring. Thus, the time of phase diagram reconstructions can be decreased by orders of magnitude. The search for new fluxes for novel materials is made easier and more practicable due to the low material demand and the short, easy and reproducible experiment.

The main scope of the Phase Transition Microscope PTM are high-resolution visual observations of temperature-induced phase transformations at up to 1500 °C. This user-friendly, unique high-temperature visualization tool operates with optical thermal radiation and features an easily exchangeable crucible uniformly heated by the light of three halogen lamps. The crucible is directly observed and magnified with a specialized high-resolution CCD camera system. Manual or automatic adjustments of the lamp power allow ultra-fast heating of up to 50 K/s. Cooling rates of the sample are in the field of 30 K/s. The temperature is measured directly and reliably at the crucible position via a precise thermocouple element with a fast response time. Simultaneous temperature monitoring and process observation enables direct user interaction at certain temperatures. Gas-tight sealing offer the possibility to evacuate and refill the closed process chamber with different gases like pure argon, pure oxygen, Ar/H2, CO/CO2 or many other pure and mixed atmospheres. Alternatively, high-temperature observations can be performed in an open chamber in air in order to avoid problems by exhaust gases or condensation. A crucible which suits best in terms of wetting angle between the melt and the crucible can be selected by choosing between many different crucible materials (e.g. Pt, Al2O3, MgO, W, SiC, graphite ...). Thus, the user has full control of the atmosphere and the temperature of the intended process and can influence the crucible-sample interdependence. A small sample quantity of some milligram is sufficient to perform the experiment, which results in a very low material consumption.


Examples for the usage of the Solid-Melt Phase Transition Microscope by A. Maljuk, IFW Dresden:

PTM usage examples by Andrey Maljuk, IFW Dresden

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