HKZ Floating Zone Furnace, 50 bar version

The abbreviation HKZ (Hochdruck-Kristallzüchtungsanlage) stands for a unique high-pressure optical floating zone crystal growth furnace. It features a vertical 2-mirror setup with a highly homogeneous and to a great extent controllable light power distribution on the crystal rod. One of the key characteristics of the furnace is the ability to work at pressures of up to 150 bar with different gases and mixtures in the growth chamber. Additionally, individual gas flow rates can be adjusted and controlled freely and independently over the complete pressure range. Using powerful xenon short arc lamps, melting temperatures over 3000 °C can be achieved. While the light power tuning range of arc lamps is limited, the thermal energy in the growth chamber is step-less adjustable between 0 and 100 % thanks to a power shutter system in the light beam. Highly precise magnetically coupled linear and rotation feed through systems with pulling rates starting from 0.1 mm/h, advanced process monitoring technologies and a comfortable PLC user interface guarantee extensive control of the growth process. The temperature of feed rod, melt zone and crystal is measured directly via a patented in-situ temperature measurement system. An optional after-heater is applicable with all possible atmospheres and pressures—also with high-pressure oxygen atmospheres. This worldwide unique setup allows the user to rule the growth of materials, which are difficult or impossible to handle at low pressures due to the higher volatility or higher partial pressure of their elements. A very important characteristic is the highly developable and easily expandable, modular design of the HKZ furnace system, which allows an add-ons and upgrades to all of current furnaces in a very easy and cost-efficient way.
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Main characteristics of the 50 bar version:

  • Pressure up to 50 bar
  • Vacuum to 10-5 mbar
  • Chamber inner diameter 40mm (larger on request)
  • Optical zone melting
  • Vertical 2-mirror system
  • Lamp power up to 15 kW
  • Temperature in melting zone > 3000°C
  • Pulling rate 0.1 mm/h ... 2000 mm/h
  • Rotation rate 0 ... 150 rpm
  • Patented pyrometric temperature measurement
  • Gas management system for free adjustable process atmosphere, flow rates and pressure variation