We have moved

In order to be closer to our workshop "Campuswerkstatt" and the main scientific institutes in Dresden, we have moved to the central Südvorstadt into a beautiful old building. The new address is Gutzkowstrasse 30, 01069 Dresden. All phone numbers remain unchanged.

Delivery of the new Rotatable Flux Crystal Growth Furnace to Augsburg University

The new Flux Crystal Growth Furnace RFO was constructed, build and delivered to Augsburg University.

The Flux Crystal Growth Furnace is a powerful software-controlled tube furnace, designed for the growth of single crystals from molten fluxes. The furnace can be operated in air, but the process chamber can also be evacuated and filled with argon or nitrogen with a slight overpressure in…

HePump - new joint R&D project for the development of a liquid helium pump

Design and Development of a Liquid Helium Pump

The development of a new liquid helium pump is the purpose of a joint R&D project between ScIDre, the Bitzer-Chair of Refrigeration, Cryogenics and Compressor Technology of the TU Dresden and the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden (IFW Dresden). The project has started in summer 2015. It will last for 2.5 years…

Installation of a High Pressure Crystal Growth system at Fudan University Shanghai

Fudan University Shanghai

Development of an up-scale reactor

Development of an up-scale reactor usable to produce high tec materials in industrial scale

further information: http://scidre.de?p=mat_lab

Range of services:

  • purchasing of up-scale reactors with defined parameter
  • up-scale services of special materials


Opening of ScIDre Materials Lab

Materials Lab

Establishing of a software development department

The ScIDre develops software according to your specifications and requirements.
This includes, for example:

  • Visualization of test series
  • Statistical evaluations
  • Complex calculations
  • Processing of raw data and providing a database
  • Process visualization and image processing using industrial cameras

The following operating…

Establishing of an electrical engineering department at ScIDre GmbH


Electrical Engineering / Automation
  • Control system development
  • individual PCB manufacturing
  • soldering

Opening of the Campuswerkstatt.de

Scientific Studio

Since 01.01.2014 the scientific studio resides on the campus of the HTW Dresden.
The scientific studio is a service provider, which, inter alia, offers the mechanical production of components.

Other subjects of the scientific studio are the development and production of equipment for science, as well as the planning and implementation of research and…

NanoRem Project

ScIDre becomes a member of the NanoRem project.