Gas Purification System GRS

Gas cleaning system GRS

A lot of processes require an inert atmosphere with a low partial pressure of oxygen. The gas cleaning sysem GRS is a stand alone unit wich can be easily introduced into existing machinery. It adds the functionality of a gas purifier without limiting the the usage of the facility.
The GRS comes with a robust industrial standard casing. The clear arrangement and visibility of the controls provide an easy handling. The bypass switch for the process gas makes the unit suitable for facilities which handle a variety of gases. The GRS can be customized in a wide range to comply with the standards of your application.

Gas: Argon

Flow rate: 1 l/min max. (higher flow rate on request)

Pressure: 150 bar max. (higher pressure on request)

Gas cleaning: down to 10-12 Vol.-ppm O2


Oxygen detection

Analyzer: internal

Detection level: 10-15 Vol.-ppm ... 20.5 Vol.-% O2


Technical details

Casing dimensions: 19'' rack, height 4 U, depth 434.5 mm

Gas connection: 6 mm stainless steel tubing for process gas, 8 mm tubing for analyzer outlet

Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz

No additional control system necessary - closed control circuit

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