Series of high-quality Li(Mn,Fe)PO4 single crystals grown in Heidelberg at elevated Ar pressure

Scientists from the Heidelberg University, mainly Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics, recently published their highly successful experiments in growing large, mm-sized single crystals of Li(Mn,Fe)PO4 at elevated argon pressure using the ScIDre HKZ furnace. High-quality single crystalline samples of olivine-structured orthophosphates LiMPO4 M = (Mn, Fe, Co, Ni)…

Nature publication with the HKZ-grown material YbMgGaO4 from Fudan University

Jun Zhao's group recently composed a Nature paper based on neutron scattering data obtained on the inorganic quantum spin liquid candidate YbMgGaO4. The authors’ measurements suggest the existence of a clear upper excitation edge or a spinon Fermi surface for this material and might be the first momentum- and energy-dependent observations of a spinon metal.

The optically transparent, cm-sized…

First single crystal of pure trivalent Co oxidation state material

Single Crystal Growth of Pure Co3+ Oxidation State Material LaSrCoO4

Successful growth of large high-quality LaSrCoO4 single crystals was recently performed and reported…

Johns Hopkins University press release: “Johns Hopkins Joins National Research on New Tech Components”.

Johns Hopkins University press release: “Johns Hopkins Joins National Research on New Tech Components”

On March 4, 2016, JHU Office of Communications…

Floating zone growth of Ba-substituted strontium ruthenates

The crystal growth group from Max-Planck-Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids in Dresden succeeded recently in the synthesis of barium-substituted strontium ruthernates using a ScIDre high-pressure floating zone furnace HKZ.

High quality single crystals of Ba-substituted ruthenate Sr2-xBaxRuO4, the "large volume variant" of the unconventional superconductor…

Ferrimagnetic quantum paraelectric compound was grown by high pressure floating zone method and analysed with neutron diffraction.

High quality single crystals of BaFe12O19 were grown at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, USA, using the ScIDre HKZ floating zone furnace with 100 atm of flowing oxygen. 

In a paper which was published end of June 2015 and selected as an Featured Article in APL Materials (

Cobalt oxide with brownmillerite structure discovered using the HKZ

Heretofore unknown cobalt oxide with brownmillerite structure discovered in Argonne National Lab using the ScIDre HKZ floating zone furnace.

Various complex oxides and intermetallic compounds have been successfully grown with the HKZ floating zone furnace, yielding surpassing quality single crystals. However, the discovery of new materials with exceptional properties remains a claim to…